Space Hire

Download gallery floor plan (PDF)

Space Hire

The Grant Bradley Gallery is a unique hireable art gallery in Bristol which prides itself of showcasing a diverse range of creatve ideas and talent. Since its launch in 2005, the gallery continues to support local and national artists as well as arts groups and organisations. It serves as a professional platform for many artists and countless creatives have launched their careers here. The gallery is available for exhibitions on a monthly hire basis. We have three areas available to artists with hire starting from only 325 per month. For our main gallery, hire starts at 1250 a month. For more information on measurements, please refer to the floor plan above. The Gallery takes a minimal 10% admin fee on any work sold from the exhibition, as well as 30% commission on anything sold alongside, such as prints, books and cards.

Price list

Main Gallery - 1250

Mezzanine - 650

Shop Wall - 325


The Gallery provides 2500 flyers for each exhibition, taking care of everything from design, print and distribution. We also provide a full press release sent out to a large number of Bristol-based and national publications such as arts journals, newspapers and listings guides.

It is the artists responsibility to handle any advertising they may wish to undertake. The choice of which publications they advertise in is completely down to the artist, although we are happy to offer any advice you may need. We offer a design service for free should you wish to purchase an advert.

What's Included?

Our rental package is inclusive of staffing costs for the exhibition period to invigilate your exhibition, as well as a dedicated team of technicians to oversee the hanging of your show. We arrange the opening night for you and provide refreshments, due to our size we can accommodate a large amount of guests, up to a maximum of approximately 150 people standing.

Your exhibition will be posted on our website and our other online presence, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as being circulated amongst our mailing list of over 1400 subscribers. On avergae, each monthly exhibition attracts around 3000 visitors.

How to submit an exhibition proposal

If you are interested in exhibiting here at the gallery then please send the following information to -

  • Name and full contact information
  • Dates when you would like to exhibit
  • What section of the gallery you would like to hire
  • A brief description about your exhibition and about you as an artist
  • Up to six images of work that will be shown

Feel free to call the gallery on 0117 9637 673 if you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.