About our shop

The Grant Bradley Shop is the perfect place to find unique and affordable gifts. We stock a wide range of hand-made jewellery and ceramics as well as books and prints by local artists. With an emphasis on our products being unique, many of our pieces are one offs made by local creatives. We constantly update our shop to keep it fresh and inspiring.

Prints by Oliver Sidaway

Beautifully produced giclee prints by talented local painter Oliver Sidaway. Prices start from 20.

'I am an artist living and working in Bristol. My creative interests in the last ten years have focussed on landscape painting, particularly depicting the scenerey surrounding my home town of Bristol. The city has profound contrasts of urban and green spaces, these different areas are marked by hills, weather and social class. My favourite painters are Alice Neel and Victor Tempest but I take as much inspiration from popular music, with its constant mixing and reshaping of different forms and styles and its mutual respect for all comers.'

Sculpture by Sophie Howard

Ceramic, terracotta and bronze resin sculptures by Bristol artist Sophie Howard. Prices start from 60.

Sophie Howard explores the living form, movement and spirit within her sculptures. Her subject matter ranges from gigurative nudes, dancers and animals. As well as making one-off ceramic pieces, Sophie's unique work is cast in resin, terracotta and bronze.

Sculpture by Barry Lewis

Sculptures made from salvaged metal by artist Barry Lewis. Prices start from 8.

Barry's sculptures are constructed from salvaged household, mechanical and industrial metal objects to produce captivating representations of various animal species.

'I want my work to be positive, if it makes you laugh, then that's great, but it's also a comment on a culture that devours and wastes things. I subvert the de-constructed items of everyday life into a mythical safari, so that people can spot bits of an elephant or baboon in their garage or kitchen.'