Showing 8th - 30th July 2016
Private View - Thursday 7th July


Showing 8th - 30th July 2016

Private View - Thursday 7th July at 6pm


The 3rd Year Students from Falmouth University's Marine & Natural History Photography course final degree show

'Beetle' by Annabelle Norton

Ferus is made up of 42 projects; 36 photography and 6 moving image, which explore the current state of conservation, wildlife and the natural world in 2016.

The exhibition has projects involving endangered species, sustainable fishing, oceanic pollution, wildlife portraiture, rewilding, landscapes and much more. Works on display focus on natural environments from Scandinavia, Mongolia, the Galapagos Islands, Scotland and all over England.

Falmouth University is the number one arts university in the UK. The Marine & Natural History Photography course specialises in imagery from the natural world and focuses on environmental issues both in terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

With this exhibition, the students hope to help raise awareness for some of the complex issues that affect the natural world today and also display some beautiful imagery to highlight the culmination of 3 years hard work.

Ellie Ryder, Nick Jarvis, Debra Burgress Lim, Jade Gould, Dan Granger, Jacob Harrell, Katherine Jefferies, Benjamin Selwyn, Amelia Robinson, Annabelle Horton , Robyn Winfield, Martin Berwick, Kaya Brenna Parsons Davis, Arnbjorg Aagensen, Linnéa Ernofsson, Maxine Beard, Lucy Crane, Vanessa Byles, Lewis Gillingham, James Collard, Verity Lunn, Jasmine Corbert, Katie Nethercoat, Dulcie Fairweather, Isobel Ford, Jennie Convery, Sophie Rogerson, Tom Holmes, Joseph Oughton, Josh Wilde, Alex Beard, Lucia Azzaro, Tilly Heathwood, Henry Traynor, Blake Temple, Madison Kate Shirley, Chloe Russell, Angus Child, Amber Steele, Sam Gore, Josh Raper, Charlotte Hedley.